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The global pandemic is the reason to bring online education into the mainstream. TrainTurf is signing up students, professionals, businesses, institutes for online classes and for Test Prep exams like IELTS, PTE or for up-skilling. We are making sure our users are making best use of this social distancing phase. Our collaborations are utilising the best of the Domain knowledge available with us to empower their students.

Test Prep with TT

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Excel with us, using TrainTurf online and adaptive technologies.  TrainTurf’s Preparation courses are based on a time-tested curriculum that has helped many international students achieve their target score. The lessons are designed to give maximum teacher-to-student interaction and to provide opportunities for you to refine your English for each section of the test.
5. TT Junior

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Digital learning is not solely for adults.
At TrainTurf, we are excited for the work we’re doing with Young Learners. Children absorb information in very different ways from adults, using visual and auditory support to enhance their understanding of shapes, language and logic. Through TrainTurf programs, our innovative content can boost child learning, creating more meaningful connections to the surrounding world. With materials that enhance core curriculum in schools, we reinforce learning in fun and engaging ways. All our programs focus on maximizing attention and retention, ensuring the best results for all students, regardless of their age.

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TrainTurf will take your organisation training Quality to the next level.

Partnerships are an integral part of the work we do at TrainTurf. Not only do we design and implement immersive language courses, we also offer customised training to suit the needs and goals of our diverse partners. By collaborating with us, they can amplify student learning to provide immersive, virtual content with in-depth learning support systems.