The accurate test of English with fast results

Linguaskill is the accurate and fast test of English proficiency used and trusted by employers and educational institutions worldwide. It tests all four language skills – Writing, Speaking, Reading & Listening – in modules and results are aligned to international standards. Powered by patented Artificial Intelligence, the test is reliable and you will receive your results in under 48 hours.

Whether you have been asked to take the test by your current or prospective employer or university, or want to enhance your employability by taking a Cambridge test, we have a wide range of practice and learning materials to help you prepare.

Why Linguaskill?

Linguaskill helps people prove their English language level for work or study. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it provides reliable, fast results, and the adaptive technology means that the test tailors to your ability, in order to offer a personalised experience.
You receive a Test Report with detailed results – aligned to the international benchmark for describing language ability, the Common European Framework of Reference – and ‘can do’ statements describing your ability. This will help you to move forward and progress.

What support is available?

We offer a wide range of resources to help you prepare for the test. This includes material for you to practice the types of question used in the test and material to help improve your English.

How can I take Linguaskill?

Register yourself for the next available Exam date by clicking the following :